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2 Inspiring books for middle school students

We all need inspiration and these two books create a wonderful model of self-care and helping others in service. I recommend both of these books for kids ages 10-14.

Luke Reynolds ‘ book Surviving Middle School is an essential guide for students! I have taught middle school for 12 years and this book has so much great advice for grades, teachers, social relationships, self-esteem and character education. I think any middle school student would find tips and helpful healthy suggestions, not to mention laughs in this book! The Warrior’s Heart-Becoming a Man of Compassion and Courage by Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL is an inspiring true story of Eric Greitens’ high school, college life and his eventual decision to become a Navy SEAL. He traces the path back to his high school and college experiences serving in volunteer aid for China, Rwanda, Croatia, Bolivia and then his Navy SEAL service in Iraq. This biography is a wonderful choice for nonfiction reading.

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