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Feisty female inspirations -part 1

Having just finished CIRCE by Madeline Miller, I am amazed by the power of her storytelling!  The book is an imaginative retelling, origin story of how Circe became the story of legends.  

Circe is definitely a fabulous book! Spellbinding storytelling about the ancient Greek myth of Circe and Odysseus.It’s mythology revisited with a strong female narrative and a exploration of what motivates gods and mortals. I found the backstory somewhat slower paced but still compelling for what made Circe who she becomes later in life. 

I loved the way Miller interweaves myths and heroes and heroines into Circe’s life. I have a strong background & fascination about mythology but I believe even someone who doesn’t will enjoy the adventures and suspense of what Circe will discover and how she embraces her story, and takes charge of her life.

#Circe #MadelineMiller

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