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Lovely, Dark & Deep by Justina Chen

This new novel is a stunning YA about following your heart and being persistent and having grit in the face of disappointment. I’ve taught teens for thirteen years and they can definitely use 

some modeling and mentoring in the persistence and grit departments. 

This is Fantastic YA realistic fiction from Justina Chen!  Narrator Viola discovers she has an extreme case of photosensitivity and this medical diagnosis threatens all her future plans as a high school senior. Can she pursue her dreams of being an investigative travel journalist? How can she be a normal teen in love?

Viola’s health crisis limits her ability to attend school, use her phone ( yes even the phone has UV rays), date boys or even help fundraising for non-profits, which has always been her mission.  From despair to persistence, Viola models how teens can approach problems with a proactive response.

Viola is determined to have a normal life despite this new condition making the night time the only safe time. When she meets Josh, chance encounters cause her to dream of a true romance. Can his traumatic past and her uncertain health crisis bring them together?

Justina Chen tells a masterful story, weaving romance and empowering messages into a YA story about being true to yourself and following your heart! 

Truly an inspiration for teens!

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