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NYC Unique Love Story

I love New York, and my latest book crush, In Five Years by Rebecca Serle, made me remember why. My grandmother was from Brooklyn, and I lived in New York City after college and during 9/11. Like everyone who has ever lived in or visited New York City, right now especially I miss the excitement of being there, of eating at an amazing Tibetan restaurant in the East Villa

ge and then going to see a Broadway show. I remember the anxiety I felt after 9/11 with National Guard soldiers in the subway and wondering if things would ever feel “normal” again, and I imagine New Yorkers are wondering the same today.

These thoughts were on my mind as I began reading In Five Years by Rebecca Serle, a novel about New York City, love, and friendships that asks important questions about which relationships matter the most. Dannie Kohan is a no-nonsense career woman who is newly engaged to her equally career-focused fiancé. But when she goes to sleep the night of her engagement, she dreams of waking up five years later with another man in her bed (not her fiancé) and another ring on her finger.

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