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Diverse Literature

My passion for teaching is evident in my twelve-year tenure as a middle school librarian.  I teach about diverse literature and the importance of looking through the windows and mirrors of diverse literature.  My creativity allows me to develop curriculum with a variety of disciplines from English, social studies, history, foreign languages and science. 


An example of my creativity is the Diversity Guest Author visit. This photo represents the Diversity Guest Author program I invented.  I wanted to create a collaboration, so that students in the Charlotte area could hear authors of diverse voices.  I used the library's funding from my job (as a librarian at a private school) to host the local public schools and share the author visits. From 2006, over 6,000 students were able to connect with award-winning diverse authors. These photos shows the wonderful author Mr. Joseph Bruchac (left), me (center) and my friend the Diversity Director Mr. Brian Wise (right) in 2013. The authors I worked with in the Diversity Authors series include: 

I.W. Gregorio, Alicia D. Williams, Nic Stone, Nina LaCour, Charles R. Smith Jr., Matt de la Pena, Kekla Magoon, Neela Vaswani, Guadalupe G. McCall, Joseph Bruchac, Justina Chen, Jim Murphy, Walter Dean Myers, Jacqueline Woodson, Sonia Levitan, James Deem, Carole Boston Weatherford.  

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