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Kekla Magoon 

I had a wonderful visit at Charlotte Country Day School. It was a pleasure to be part of Megan's initiative to bring diverse authors to her school. She founded and fostered this successful Diversity Guest Author Series program, demonstrating a clear and vision for how to engage students in multicultural learning and discussions of important social issues through literature.


Megan did a great job of preparing the students for my visit, and she engaged my work as an opportunity to provide professional development programming for teachers and community leaders as well. Her Diversity Guest Author Series benefits not only the students and the school, but also the community beyond. Her leadership brought the school administration on board with her project, and she fostered a positive, inclusive atmosphere in which the whole staff and student body created a welcoming environment for me as a special guest.

My experience as a guest speaker for the Diversity Guest Author series at Charlotte County Day School was unforgettable. The students were attentive and engaging. They asked intelligent, thoughtful questions that made for a great author visit. I was impressed with Megan Fink Brevard's professionalism and attention to detail in the planning and execution of the event, making sure that all students involved had a positive, learning experience. Most impressive to me, and something that I had not seen before in my author visits,  was the way that the series shared the visit the the so many other local CMS schools. It was inspiriting and heartwarming for me, as an author/speaker, to be able to share my message of hope and resilience with young people from such diverse backgrounds. I was made very welcomed and experienced kindness and respect from the student body and the faculty alike. Students at Charlotte County Day School have a wonderful program and a great leader in Megan Fink Brevard.

Justina Chen

Brilliant, insightful, and inclusive—Megan Fink Brevard was the consummate leader to spearhead the Diversity Guest Author series. She prepared the students well: they were familiar with my work, and they were engaged, attentive and curious. Not only did Megan work with the entire school—from the head of the school to all the teachers, she reached out to the entire community in Charlotte. Students from all other the region gathered with us. What Megan created was a special day, celebrating literacy, diversity, and inclusiveness. It was a privilege to be with Megan and her community of readers and learners.   

justina chen | story strategist & author 

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